John O'Flynn - Artist

John O'Flynn - Artist

The Venerable Biro!

I’ve long thought pen & ink drawing the most challenging drawing technique, and also the most expedient for catching quick visual references while "on the go". So I’ve long experimented with portable ink pens, including some expensive fountain pens, as felt-tips and ball-points seemed cheap & untrustworthy. However fountain pens never proved quick enough "on the draw"¨one could be half way thru’ a quick sketch – concentrating on the scene before you - and find no ink was issuing from the nib and so the opportunity was being lost. And if you frustratingly shook the pen to make it work, large blobs of ink could end up anywhere, on the page, you clothes, the carpet etc! Last year I came across an article on ball-points with archival quality ink. The relevant international standard is DIN/ISO 12757-2, and the Steadler 430 conforms to it. It is available in all Eason’s branches. A new lease of life for my "pen & ink" sketching…!


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