John O'Flynn - Artist

John O'Flynn - Artist

Piazza d'Italia, Sassari

In SASSARI, SARDINIA, recently I was intrigued by the statue in the main square of Victor Emmanuel II, first monarch of united (c1870) Italy. No sign of the embodiment of Italy in an allegorical figure of Graeco-Roman origin! Nor the more modern expression of nationhood of a visionary general, like Nelson, sporting his battle scars, not the spirit of defiance embodied in the hunched Churchill in Parliament Square. No, this is a portly & benign uber-aristocratic old gentleman, at his ease, sporting a double tongued beard, epaulettes, ermine cloak, ceremonial sword & helmet, baggy trousers and fashionable shoes, a braided cape. He seems all ceremonial, with no greater reason for being there than his pedigree, the apex of privilege in an aristocratic society.



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