John O'Flynn - Artist

John O'Flynn - Artist

Jumbo At Gatwick...


I think I am going to abandon air travel! It's just become such a mass-market, down-market and unenjoyable experience! (as well as being ecologically unsustainable!). Nevertheless the achievement of mass transit by air in the space of about a century is a truly extra-ordinary achievement.
Technology seems to be the expression of our age: where we once build Gothic cathedrals we now build space-craft. But there seems little visual art that truely captures this spirit of technological achievement. 
Boeings new "Deamliner" or Airbus's A380 both look like improbable behemoths of the sky with ponderous - if not menacing -  countenances! But the 40 year old work-horse of longhaul, the "Jumbo" is relatively beautiful to behold. The current version, with its enlarged wing-flaps, curled wing tips, and extended second storey.... Here ís a sketch (from memory - they don't let you linger on the tarmac!) at Gatwick at weekend. The fully laden weight on the crushed undercarriage is almost palpable! I managed to linger & watch it take off....a truly amazing sight!


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